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Alternative way to level up.

Discussion in 'Guides Section' started by Raae, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Raae

    Raae Newbie Member
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    Jun 29, 2019
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    1. Couple runs of RS to get bike kits and sell them.
    2. With that alz buy Exp BB150% ~50m in AH.
    3. Go to CA1, wait till 12-10min use BB and kill everything.
    4. You should be now 110 or higher if not repeat step 3 to reach level 110.
    5. Go to Lakeside and hunt Trolls to reach level 120 (keep up exp bb, if you need repeat steps 1-2).
    6. After 120 time for IC1, you can stay there as long as you feel like it (prob level 135-140 will be easy).
    7. RH sounds about right (fire traps/ library) level 155-160 is enough.
    8. Hard grinding HVH to get to level 180.
    9. Latest maps will unlock when you reach level 180, don't bother to attack monsters there. Just rush straight into the middle part of the map and start killing boss, each hit will give tremendous amount of exp and axp.
    10. Congratz you are level 200 now!
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