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Suggestion basic balance for classes

Discussion in 'Suggestion' started by Simca, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. Simca

    Simca Newbie Member
    Cabal Contributor

    Aug 31, 2017
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    Hello guys, here is a small feedback from what i am assuming the game classes are really lack of balance damage and defence wise for some reason fb and fs attack were boosed seems to unfair compared to other classes and those two classes are suposed to be suports so the other classes damage shoud be increased as well
    fb - astral enhant 92 attack, fire blade 140 attack - total damage from blades before was 127 so that mean class got boosted by 105 attack
    fs - mighty wish 146 attack - before the attak was only 60 so the class damage was boosted by 86 attack
    fa- astral bow 108 magic attack with demo weapon, sharpness 77 all attack (party buff) - fa dont receive too much magic attack stats should be astral bow reworked sugesting incraesing magic attack by +125 total magic attack would be 233
    wi - magic control 91 magic attack - increase attack by 125 total attack would be 216
    wa and bl - soul blade 89 attack - increase attack by 125 total attack would be 214

    the diference in defence should not be too big betwen each armor types still the diference is huge
    wa fs - defence items 1285 seems to be quite high but okay they are tanky classes
    fa fb - defence items 1119 kinda too high def compared to matrial items should be the defence decreased
    bl wi - defence items 907 martrial armor have the lowest def but still way too low compared to armor set and battle set diference should be increased

    lets see how people will like it, have a nice day ^_^
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