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Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Discussion in 'Guides Section' started by UltimaZero, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. UltimaZero

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    Nov 19, 2018
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    If you are experiencing lag, freezes, missing files, bugs here are some of the ways that may deal with them

    1. Open Launcher and Press " Scan " Button, this will scan your game directories, detects and replace corrupted files


    2. Exclude Game Folder from AV (Anti-Virus), Open your AV then go to settings find the exclusions or white-list option then select the game folder, this will avoid deletion or quarantine unwanted files from your game folder.


    3. Update your Java, Framework or Video Card Drivers, you can google the version/driver/hardware compatible for your system

    4. Scan Your Hard Drives, Defragment and Check-disc somewhat helps the performance of your system


    5. Reinstall The Game,

    6. If some problem still persist try creating another user account from your windows control panel then try launching the game there in some cases old user accounts tends to have hidden processes that may affect the performance of your system refreshing or creating a new user eliminates this


    - For Internet related problems you can check this links




    Some of this methods are from my own experiences since sometimes normal troubleshooting will not work.

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