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Common errors and how to fix them

Discussion in 'Guides Section' started by Mikele, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Mikele

    Mikele Newbie Member

    May 17, 2017
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    Here are few fixes for problems that happen more often recently.
    At first I’d like to point out how your cabal folder should look like (click)
    If any of these files is missing, you will have problems.

    +You just checked and most of the files aren’t there
    • You tried to update or scan but nothing happens - check if you have most recent installer version. Older versions don’t work anymore.
    + You press Play and nothing happens - mtp.dll is missing.

    • Please note that there are mtp.dll AND mtd.dll - these are often confused, you need to have both
    Click here for video guide
    Click here for the mtp.dll archieve file

    This problem started recently with Windows Defender and Avast. File itself is safe, some oversensitive antiviruses started to mark it recently.

    +mtp.dll is there but Cabal still does not work

    Follow the standard procedure:
    - check if you have admin rights (click)
    - restart computer
    - use Scan button
    - check if antivirus isn’t blocking anything
    - look for solution in our forums
    - send a message to OGN staff detailing the issue you encountered

    +You came back after a long break and something is wrong
    • If there is a problem with running Cabal, fastest way to solve it is to download newest version of launcher and make a clean, fresh install. This may save you some errors in the future.
    • If there is something wrong with your account eg. character got bugged. Please go to Technical Support section and post a thread there, detailing the situation. Each case has to be reviewed individually.
    • These problems are caused by updates. When we make changes to the files, at some point errors may occur. When you play regularly they are automatically fixed, but when you stop playing files may become corrupted over time, as more changes are made. Please be careful and get rid of old items that are no longer in game as they will bug your character in the future. If you are not sure if certain item is ok (eg. costumes with stats), it’s better to ask that to delete your main char.
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  2. Deadpooll

    Deadpooll Newbie Member
    Cabal Contributor

    Aug 29, 2018
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    Also i helped out a bit and for those who want more deeper information if these simple solutions don't work

    + You press play but cabal does not start because mtp.dll file is missing

    First let me explain why this happens the mtp.dll is a very crucial file both for making cabal work but also to make sure that MShield is able to update without any errors because of the mtp.dll file missing Mshield will not start up to provide protection for cabal thus cabal will not start without Mshield doing his job .

    + there is another file Called mtd.dll do not confuse it with mtp.dll the file you need to look for, to see if its missing is MTP.DLL

    Why does your anti-virus see this as a threat well for some unknown reason our virus scanners cannot completely read the file because of that it is labeled as a threat. But there is a way to prevent you virus scanner / real-time protection (is a sort of in-build low cpu –usage virus firewall it detects files you download or are on the computer to check them out too see if they are a threat), I will explain in couple steps how you can make sure your anti-virus will never again interfere with your cabal folder.

    1. Locating mtp.dll

    Note that mtp.dll in most cases is not really deleted – for anti-virus programs like windows defender or its big brother called Microsoft security essentials if you go to – history -> Quarantined Items-> you have a list here with what files that these programs have labeled a threat now search in here for the missing file mtp.dll once you found it do nothing at this moment do not restore it or else the next time it will happen again .

    2. Excluding installing folder and restoring mtp.dll

    Now before we restore the file , first we will simply add the whole cabal folder to the excluded files and locations list once again you open WD or MSE ( its mostly the same with any anti-virus ) you go to setting -> Excluded files and locations -> here you add the whole folder of you cabal installing folder, if you have done so your AV will now skip to scan this folder on a regular basis. Now what we did in the first step can be done now you are free to restore your mtp.dll file from your quarantined file list.

    There is no need to disable your anti-virus to make it work again!!

    Now if you have done these steps with no Mather what anti-virus program you use as with any AV you can exclude folders you do not wished to be


    + Exceptions

    off course there are cases/ moments were mtp.dll file does get completely deleted but I can’t give you a real reason yet because it can be different on everyone’s computer itself , thus there are more reasons than 1. If that is the case follow this guide
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  3. gyrd4fearX

    gyrd4fearX Legendary Force Archer
    Cabal Contributor

    Jan 6, 2015
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    Got it, ty
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