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Discussion in 'Guides Section' started by Bryz, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Bryz

    Bryz Isekai Freak
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    Oct 29, 2016
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    Hello Folks on this thread im going to give you some guide to lvl up fast from lvl. 100~200 after the update 16 (11/14/19).

    in this Guide you can reach lvl. 200 in 3-4 hours

    First after creating a character and logging into the game, set all of your equipment and go to the instructor of your begging town and quest "inner discovery" to get your battle Aura code.

    • WA/FS-Bloody ice
    • WI/BL-Desert scream
    • FA/FB-Green Despair
    After getting your aura set up your magic/attack skill, passive and upgrade skills(you can buy all the skill books available for your class for only 1 alz).

    and when you are finished with the steps above,you can start leveling now(don't forget to use the blessing bead 200% exp before going).

    You Must have a nation first before you can use the exclusive warp points.
    (here is the guide to get nation)
    Go to our website "click here" and sign in to you account > go to Game>Nation
    select the character you want to choose a nation for and choose the nation you want
    (you must be log out from the game to change/choose your nation)

    From lvl 100~110 go to forgotten ruin and move to the place with green x marks

    Always use bm and lure the mobs to gain exp faster.

    When you reach level 110 go to lakeside and move again to the place where the green x mark.

    Lure the darktrolls and other mobs present on that spot.
    (you can level up here from 110~145)

    from lvl 140 pontus ferum map will be opened you can contineu to lvl up there until you reach 160.
    then again, go to the place where green x marks are placed.

    just the same as the previous maps,lure the mobs.

    when you reach level 160 now move again to "Porta inferno" go to the place where the green mark is.

    lure the mobs and continue repeating it until you reach 180

    when you reach lvl 180 go to
    "Arcane Trace" and search for the arcane golem of rage(you can change channel if there is no golem in your current channel) .
    you can find it here.

    just continue hitting until you reach max level :)

    That all for our leveling guide!!!
    don't forget to press "like" if this thread is helpful to you ;)

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