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NoFear Guild Rules

Discussion in 'Guild Area' started by Zeratul, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Zeratul

    Zeratul Chief of Staff
    Staff Member Global Moderator

    Aug 24, 2015
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    • All inactive people have been removed from the guild.
    • Only high level active players will be accepted from now on (elite).
    1. When a guildie is getting PK’ed we have to come to his assistance.
    2. Do not start PK and then call the guild for assistance because they beat you. ( Exception is if more then 1 player is attacking guildie )
    3. Repect your guildies, if some one starts something with you, advise the guild leaders.
    4. If you want to run a dungeon always asked guild first before running a dungeon with another guild or people.
    5. English only in Guild Chat.
    6. Starting from now we have a maximum of 5 guild "newbie" limit.
    7. If you want to join with a "alt" character, you must add in his description your main char name.
    8. You can request a discount of 10% on a item you are interested in from another guildmate.

    Membership and requests to join will be sent by mail to "Zeratul" in-game name ( will update with other player's names soon )

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