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Acknowledged Some thoughts about recent updates - May 2019

Discussion in 'Suggestion' started by Mikele, May 10, 2019.

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  1. Mikele

    Mikele Newbie Member

    May 17, 2017
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    I'd like to say that they are really good. Honor changes are nice, zoom out limits are great, playing is much more comfortable now, stats change is cool.Merit mastery is an outstanding long term move. I know that people may complain that it doesn't show up in stats, doesn't have menu etc. but come on, it is really hard to do that, not worth the effort you'd have to put in. War is now populated. Well done!

    I have some propositions though, just to polish things out. Please keep in mind that this is only my opinion.

    + First off there is Glacies Inferna and Divine Stones.
    This dungeon is now the only way to acquire div pieces, yet you don't see many people playing it, it is generally disliked. This is because of low efficiency of farming it. Monsters hit hard, it takes a lot of time and you burn vera potions quite fast.

    And I don't think that's bad, on the contrary, it's endgame content, it should be hard. But drops are not that good. In my view, dungeon itself is perfectly fine. What isn't fine, is what comes before and after it.

    See, gathering a party isn't easy when you actually don't have to. Right now best move to farm div stones is to go in alone and leave after first 1-2 bosses. You need some firepower to take down everything after them. With more party members comes less reward per player. We did two runs, each time 17 pieces came up, divide it by six people and you have ~3 pieces per player for 20-30 minutes. That's just not worth the hassle. By only doing first bosses you farm faster.

    There is an interesting thing though.
    Due to monsters being removed after a period of time, you could say that some barriers are created. The more monsters you kill, the more drop you get and in later stages killing monsters requires a lot of damage. This prevents you from doing it efficiently solo and in fact in 2-3 people party, there is no way that you can keep up with them disappearing.

    And this is good. Because I think that what this dungeon is missing is exactly more drop of pieces in last stages (and from last boss). It can be farmed solo and it could be farmed in party, you just can't get past some point if you're alone.

    For actual numbers: up to 2nd boss I think that the rate is fine, after that I suggest increasing the drop, so that the total amount of pieces dropped by 5 players party is reasonable for each player that's getting the share. Remember that for upgrading a rune you need more than just div stones :)

    + Second thing, which is connected to the first one, are Potions of Veradrix which is what you have to get before you enter.
    When GI came out, getting them started to be a problem. You burn them really fast on new dungeons. They became a must. And it is pain in the ass to farm them right now. Please, take a look at them (this doesn't mean rework them completely, just push them in the right direction).

    In my opinion messing with monster damage would be a bad way to fix this. Add them on easier dungeons so new players could sell them and revive the market. Boost their drop on EoD B3F at the cost of reducing UCHH and FCHH drop rate (and enchanted/surperior versions). I think there are far too many of them now. Moreover, I'd say that it might be a good way to bring back some forgotten dungeons as great places to farm them.

    + My last remark would be about mission war.
    After playing wars for some time I finally got to like them. Increase in people count is superb. Changes to WEXP are great, as people don't fight for score anymore. Boost to guardians' HP pool has changed the game from dull running and clearing to more tactical approach, stabilizing the gameplay on this map, putting more emphasis on killing.

    The thing is that I believe the increase in HP was too high, here is why. I'm a PvE guy, playing on TG as a pusher, most reasonable thing to do with this equipment. Apart from me let's say there are around 6 other players, which amazingly is common right now (up from 1). The thing that hurts me here is when we split up, which happens eventually, it takes quite a long time to take down a guardian. One thing is that it slows down gameplay too much, second thing is that it is then really easy for opposing team to counter. Me as a pusher - I can't fight well, so I die. This is best seen on large guardians. Even in 4-5 people party we can't take them down before our enemies come from another corner of the map. This renders me useless as a pusher and removes opportunity for surprise attacks on points far from battle. And warp towers are not as good as before.

    Please, don't get me wrong, HP increase was a great move, but I think that reducing their life a bit will lead to more dynamic gameplay and better accessibility for not as well geared people. I believe that only 80% of the increase that you made would be just on point. And I write this taking into account that even more players will play TG in time.

    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. I don't bargain for a lot, only minor adjustments. What do you think?
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    Last edited: May 10, 2019
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  2. Manijak

    Manijak Senior Member

    Mar 4, 2017
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    You have point here , i agree , if solo player can farm up to 5th or 6th wave solo a X ammount of DSF , then party that finish dung should split DSF
    between party members but not same ammount bcs they get reward from chests drops and last waves but at leas decent number, this is also related to how many mobs are killed , and there is one trick if 6 ppl enter dung leave mobs to despawn and just killing bosses they wont get much DSF,bcs of low number of killed bosses , added to todo list. ty 4 feedback.

    They are always one of main items on every event we have,besides in-game acquisition ,best way to farm them is on events , ppl usually complain how much pov we put on events , :) good feedback again noted for todo.

    About MW , it all depends on population of players that joins the war(and game play style), solo should be as it is(party up make waves is how war work)better defense faster conquered bases , and if in future we get MW more populated ,that HP amount will rise up ,to suits the number players .
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