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Discussion in 'Suggestion' started by jhoan, May 15, 2019.

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  1. jhoan

    jhoan Junior Member

    Jan 26, 2015
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    hello ogn..

    i would like to have some suggestion.

    1) please consider the demon epaulet drops on FT3 make it acount bound when equip same on the demon items drops so we can sell them if we dont need them.like example i get sage epaulet how i supposed to use it when im using a sword type.?..so better put aount bind when equip so we can chose whether to sell it or not..

    2) add (NORMAL) demon epaulet on war exp shop and ecoin shop..i mean to normal like the epualet drops on FT3. cuz i know extreme epaulet would be seen only in event..so normal epaulet only but if yoi add normal @ extreme epaulet that would be better..

    3) increase drop rate on PUK please cuz its hard to farm for reciepies for the FC for dg..

    4) or it must be better if you can have all entries on shops..like vcoin shop, Grocer something like that..cuz this thing make it hard for us to farm and also for a newbie to get some entry..we only rely on dg farming now for als so dont make to hard for entries to find..

    5)or if you cant have it all entries on shops better to increase the amount on items drops on maps..even on this drop rate it would be find as long as it will increase a little like 600k per items sell on NPC.

    6) make WAR CUBE tradeable for alternative earnings of alz.

    7) take out EQUI items drops on FT3 make it DEMON set all...and the EQUI set would be on AC mixed with PALLA..just to make it worth entering when on PT in order to have fair on item drop..cuz some.get demon and other gets equi..not fair enough cuz material core on distroying this item is not worth this time..as demon does..so better make it all demon items..an alternative earning of alz also.

    7) lastly, you should try to find an attractive way for newbie and old players to stick long..specially on farming alz i was thinking this was the problem why newbie is just passing by on server..cuz from the start they all have nothing then adding to it how hard to farm alz....then boom quit is the result..we cant say its ok if they quit bcuz thier will be others coming in..dont be rediculos..cuz how can this be a good server when players just passing by..

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  2. Zeratul

    Zeratul Chief of Staff
    Staff Member Global Moderator

    Aug 24, 2015
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    To be considered. Ty for feedback.
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