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Special Weekend Donation bonus & Level UP Event

Discussion in 'Events' started by Cykros, Apr 5, 2019.

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  1. Cykros

    Cykros Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator Cabal Contributor

    Oct 20, 2014
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    This weekend comes with a special bonus not common to what you are all used to.

    For each donation you will al receive a bonus of 30% but all those who donate in this period 30 euro or more will receive a head start when we release the merit system of 25 Medals of Honor.
    This medals will be the main items that will upgrade your Merit Skills.

    2019-04-05 16_41_08-Redemption Cabal.png

    Leveling UP - Event
    • This event is dedicated to beginners, you can receive an item when you level up through the goals.
    • There are 3 goals
      • [1]Lv.100 ~ 139
      • [2]Lv.140 ~ 159
      • [3]Lv.160 ~ 189
    • You can repeat each goal maximum 5 times.
    • The target level is 5, meaning you can reclaim a reward every time you level up 5 times.
    • In total from begining util the end you can claim maximum 15 rewards plan your earnings ahead.
    • Each goal will reward you with 6 Items ( Character bind and 7 days duration) out of 8 chose-able and 2 Additional Rewards out of 4 (WEXP, EXP, HONOR and ALZ)

    2019-04-05 17_03_07-Redemption Cabal.png 2019-04-05 17_03_40-Redemption Cabal.png
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