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Suggestion Update Force Blader Debuff and HP down Skills

Discussion in 'Suggestion' started by SoraEspada, Jun 11, 2019.

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  1. SoraEspada

    SoraEspada Newbie Member

    Mar 31, 2016
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    Force Blader (FB) is being nerfed a lot lately. I am writing this thread to suggest an update (improvement) of Force Blader debuff skills. The following are my reasoning (lvl200 consideration) of why Force Blader skills should be updated:

    Debuff skills: Execration and Field of Execration
    Suggestion: Increase duration

    1. Ever since the update that reconfigured the character class stat boost (STR, INT, and DEX) and equipment's hp and defense, all classes undertook a sharp increase in HP, attack, and defense in numbers. Additionally, one of the updates includes the increase of the limits of s/m.amp, resist critical rate, and resist s/m.amp. In short, the game takes on massive changes on its attack and defense output/input calculation side that affects player's survivability and killing ability. The most distinguishable now is a longer battle time, it requires more combo and time to end a PVP, that includes in war. With the recent merit system and honor rank 25, it makes player EVEN tankier now.

    2. Almost all other classes buff skills have undergone some changes, for example, WA and WIZ don't require a party to cast the buff skills, the amount of attack, def, and hp from buff skills increased including FA, and BL has unmovable avoid and resists skills. Force Blader, on the other hand, relies on debuff skills, but they have never changed to cope with the updates as mentioned, and the debuff skills are being less effective by the moment.

    Debuff skill: Mana Freeze (MF)
    Suggestion: Increase MP freeze amount

    3. What's the point of MF now? Considering the character stat boost reconfiguration of MP to all classes, it's a walk in the park to overcome MF. With max MP passive skill and rune (easily obtainable), all classes' base MP is more than 1.4k except for WA and BL (with mp: 1,393 considering if they do not put additional stats into INT).

    4. The recent passive skill slot increase makes the opportunity for learning the MP passive skill. Also, there are tones of easy ways to overcome MF limit. MF may be useful for the lower level group, but ultimately a joke skill that is rarely used now in the max level war.

    Debuff skill: Hardluck
    Suggestion: Increase -% resist CR and CD

    This may be asking too much, but I am putting it out there for consideration and information. As the game progress with new updates, such as the HR 25, merit system, etc. the game is pushing the limits of resists up. The increase of resistance is just too overwhelming compared to the attack output. The effectiveness of Hardluck decreases with every update that improves the player's survivability (HP, DEF, RESIST).

    Debuff skills: Enervation and Field of Enervation
    Suggestion: Increase -% evasion?, or + level down?

    Honestly, I don't know what this does in PVE, it has barely any noticeable effect. As for PVP, it does lower opponents overall stats. But as the game updates, new equip and accessories is being introduced with higher and better effects that may make this buff ineffective.

    Attack skills: Force Assault and Force Slash
    Suggestion: Increase HP down

    1. Does HP down still matter? Let’s take an average of 30,000HP at lvl200, and HP down 248, that is 0.83% of total HP per 2 sec (992HP or 3.31% of total HP in 8 sec). The HP down is way too insignificant now as compared to before the updates.

    2. The game is increasing health points by numbers, but HP down remains the same. Classes like WI and FB that rely somewhat on the HP down to compensate for lower defense and hybrid requirements (general stat assignment and weapon choice) respectively are being weakened. The effect of HP down diminished as all other player's HP increases.

    In a nutshell, Force Blader potential relies on its debuff. It is the only class with so many debuffs that compensates for lack of self-buff and hybrid stat requirements (battle set). However, FB's debuff effectiveness is arguably reducing with every improvement the game made to its calculation mechanics. I am positive it is tied to the boundaries of the technical calculation (refer 1.). Basically, with every new update that allows the player to continue to grow in-game in terms of attack, def, hp, amp, resist and the like, FB debuff becomes weaker and less effective. The update of resistance is just too overwhelming compared to the update of attack output. With the design of FB debuffs to annihilate opponents, its purpose has become less potent.
  2. ExCaliose

    ExCaliose The Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator Cabal Contributor

    Sep 12, 2016
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    Good day
    as of this moment,
    FB still is really OP,
    So as an FB main you wish to increase the OPness of FB?

    I Dont know why you wanted that.

    Our goal is to have a diversity of players playing other classes so if we made FB more OP than it is now it wont do good.
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